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Leviathan of Mannoroth

This webpage was created as a utility to all the members
of the guild “Leviathan” on the server Mannoroth.

The raid schedual is quite simply Monday through Wednesday from 8pm to 12Midnight
server time or eastern standard time. Sundays will be older content night and is always
subject to change.

General guild guidelines:
1)Be respectful to all of the people in the guild.
2)Show up early for raids. If a raid starts at 8, be ready by 7:45.
3)Your toon must be gemmed and enchanted in order to raid with us.
4)If you cant show up for a raid night, let us know!
5)If you have to be late for a raid, also let us know.
Generally, we want to know whether or not we will need to replace you, may it be temporarily
or permenantly.
6)Research your class, abilities and content. Watch videos, read articles online.
7)Be prepared! Repair before raid, bring flasks, potions, and your A game.

I will try to discuss what we have adopted as strategy for each of the different encounters we are
currently dealing with, this way you will be prepared to face each boss as we raid.

The Omnitron Defense System

Guild Screen Shots